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This function is now in analysisUtils.getgain()

See also the casaguides page for this function.

This utility reads the EVLA GainCurves file and make a plot for a specified antenna and band. It is meant to run inside of casa, but is located in its own file but in the same directory as (and is also attached below). There are 2 required arguments: The first argument is the antenna (either an integer number or a string name in the form of 'ea03'), the second argument is the band letter: 4, P, L, S, C, X, U, K, A, Q. Note that 'S' band (as of May 2012) has no entries. An optional third argument is the elevation for which to report the gain. An optional fourth argument is the path to the GainCurves file, which is assumed to be $CASAPATH/data/nrao/VLA/GainCurves.


CASA <2>: from getgain import *
CASA <3>: help(getgain)
Help on function getgain in module getgain:

getgain(myAntenna, myBand, myElev=60, tableLocation='', date='')
    This function will extract the gain curve for a specified JVLA antenna and
    receiver band for the current date and produce a plot vs. elevation.
    It will also list the gain for a specified elevation.
    Elevations are in degrees, myAntenna can be one of: 1..28, 29=PieTown, 30=all, and 0=mean
    The date can be given as 2011/11/01 or 2011-11-01.
    Todd Hunter


CASA <4>: execfile('')     or      from getgain import *
CASA <5>: getgain(3,'K',45.0)
current time = 4829398371.042835
Using table =  /usr/lib64/casapy/release/data/nrao/VLA/GainCurves
There are 250 rows with band K
There are 8 rows with antenna 3 and band K: 475 532 558 587 616 645 673 703 
Using row number 703
gain=1.026696 at ZA=45.0 or EL=45.0
Plot stored in gaincurve.K.3.png
  Out[5]: array([ 1.02669559])

-- ToddHunter - 2011-11-30
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