New version of the VCI Configuration Mapper is available on the MCCC
This version forwards VCI Activation ID to CBE (in messages config
and deconfig).

Restart MCCC software to run the new version.

CBE schema has been updated . CBE schema is available in SVN:
widar/schema/cbe and on the widar server:

Note: In this version some CM monitor and control capability has
been added to the VCI. A new, optional, element has been added to
the VCI (cmMonitorControl). New element is optional, there is no
changes to configuration messages for stations and subarrays.
The latest version of the VCI schema is available in SVN
(widar/schema/vci) and on the widar server:

Since there is immediate need for change in CBE interface, new
version of CM has been published before new message is fully
implemented and tested. I still have to update the, so called, VCI
Client (in fact CM GUI interface) to allow user to send new M&C
message. I'll let you know when new version of the GUI is available.


P.S. I'll be out of the office from 1PM PST. For the case that
there is a problem with the new version, Michel nows how to revert to
the old version of CM.


Sonja Vrcic
Software Engineer
National Research Council
Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics
Penticton, BC, Canada
Tel: 250-497-2309 / 250-497-2300

-- JuergenOtt - 2010-03-10
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