A new version of the Executor has been released.  Changes and bug fixes (per Barry):  -- The Executor update of May 13, 2010 introduced a bug in which    it is possible that the delay models for the first 10 seconds    of a scan are sent at the beginning of the previous scan, and    then no further delay models are sent until the end of that scan.  --------------------------------------------------------------------  Production file(s): (deployed to /home/mchost/evla/lib)  evla-observe-2.1.2.jar  Symlinks at /home/mchost/evla/lib:  evla-observe-current.jar ->  evla-observe-2.1.2.jar evla-observe-old.jar ->  evla-observe-2.1.1.jar evla-observe-test.jar -> /home/asg/www-internal/maven/m2-repo/nrao/evla-observe/SNAPSHOT/evla-observe-SNAPSHOT.jar  SVN tag(s) for this release: https://svn.aoc.nrao.edu/repos/EVLA/observe/tags/evla-observe-2.1.2-17jun2010  

-- JuergenOtt - 2010-06-17
Topic revision: r1 - 2010-06-17, JuergenOtt
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