New version of CBE s/w installed in WIDAR production environment.

Tag: 20100521.0


Stow directory: /opt/cbe-local/wcbe-daily/stow/wcbe-20100521.0

Summary of changes:
* Limit configuration to those slave node pipelines that are expected to receive lag frames.
* New product-to-CBE address (NIC) algorithm, which groups quartets of baseline boards.
* Added expected rate of lag frames, lag sets, and serial numbers of contributing baseline boards to monitor points for a pipeline in a given configuration. Expected rate of lag frames and baseline board ids appear in output of "wcbetool status".
* Formatting changes in output of "wcbetool status".
* Finer grained locking of data structures in BDF writer pipeline element.
* Implemented "wcbetool reset" command to help recover after an access to pipelinefs hangs (most likely, after some other wcbetool command invocation).


-- JuergenOtt - 2010-05-24

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