New version of CBE s/w installed in WIDAR production environment.

Tag: 20100420.0


Stow directory: /opt/cbe-local/wcbe-daily/stow/wcbe-20100420.0

Summary of changes:
* Improved CBE robustness during changes in configuration (however, there is still work in progress on this front.)
* Simplified pipelinefs, the client (master node) side of the communication channel to slave node processes, to fix hangs. These hangs would subsequently lead to the inability to monitor or control the CBE slave node processes, resulting in not following configuration changes, new scans, etc.
* Improved timeout mechanism used during the assembly of lag frame chains.
* Fall back to system time (minus a margin) when lag frames do not arrive at a slave node. This allows transitions to new configurations and new scans even when there are no lag frames.


-- JuergenOtt - 2010-04-20
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