New version of CBE s/w installed in WIDAR production environment.

Tag: 20100309.0


Stow directory: /opt/cbe-local/wcbe-daily/stow/wcbe-20100309.0

Summary of changes: Added ability to configure CBE via Configuration Mapper; added support for writing all binary component types (except WEIGHTS) in BDF files; added selection of binary component types by configuration file content; removed requirement that all polarization products for a single baseline, baseband and spectral window are sent to one CBE pipeline process; reversed order of station-centric labels in correlation products (fixes image reflection problem); added d10_server process to support d10 display; reduced number of times data are copied before being written to BDF; changed lag frame timeout algorithm to reduce number of frames erroneously tagged as "late"; improved robustness of lag set communication between input and lag set processing stages of pipeline processes.


-- JuergenOtt - 2010-03-09
Topic revision: r1 - 2010-03-09, JuergenOtt
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