Yesterday I loaded a software update into the CPCCs. This build
provides the infrastructure upon which the full CPCC requirements
implementation can begin to be added in stages without disruption
(well that's the idea anyway :). The software install went fine,
power was maintained to all the boards throughout the change over.

In this update was also a transitioned to using the new CMIB
<frontpanel> element that gives us essential board 'front panel'
information while cutting way back on network traffic. To see the
current state of the room (in XML) use:

Bob Broilo and Dave Alderman removed the bypasses in the HVAC's to
allow remote control of them from the CPCCs. We tested and verified
operation. For now we commanded all four HVACs to ON from software
and then manually turned off two of them. So two HVACs are currently
running. I added HVACs to the CPCC gui that Michael & Ken use.

Since we would like to ultimately run the rack fans at 50% speed, it
would be interesting to cut them back to half speed and see how board
temps behave with two HVAC's running. That will give us a feel for

Finally, I gave the operator on duty, Stephen Steele, a web page that
shows a few bits of status about the boards currently in the system -
the one item of interest being board temperature. This is a temporary
fill-in until we have the operator meeting on 12/2/09 to demo a real
GUI. It is not clear yet what the operator is supposed to do with
this information, but hopefully that will be worked out before 12/2.
The page is


-- JuergenOtt - 2009-11-13
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