I deployed TelCal 1.5.2 to test and production today.

evla-telcal-1.5.2 (22feb2010)
Fixed NPE caused by commenting out the "continue;" along with the No_Antsol_Solutions_Found alert code.
Refactored the Weather averaging code.
Changed BasebandName and IFID enumeration to use the new BasebandNames.
Changed Pointing to calculate offsets using the throw (distance from onSource to the plusAz/El position in the pattern).
Changed Pointing estimated beamWidth calculation to adjust for frequency by multiplying estimated beamWidth by (skyFreqInMHz/sslo), where sslo is (24000/throw).
Offsets in the pointing table are now in radians, so I added code to convert radians to arcminutes.
Updated evla-commons dependency to version 1.5.2-SNAPSHOT.
The SDM is still writing pointing offsets as arcminutes in production, so I don't need to convert from radians to arcminutes yet. (Commented out above change for now.)


-- JuergenOtt - 2010-02-22
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