I deployed TelCal 1.5.9 to test and production today.

evla-telcal-1.5.9 (19apr2010)
SdmSocketListener no longer filters out sdmInfo messages if they are marked "final".
Removed TelCalAdminConsole as it was not useful and never used.
Updated heap size from [128m,512m] to [512m,2048m] to accommodate multiple subarrays (multi-threading).
Made TelCalStats logging thread-safe.
Converting basebandNames using the following mapping until the system is entirely converted to the new enumeration.
BB_1 ==> A1/C1_3BIT
BB_2 ==> A2/C2_3BIT
BB_4 ==> A/C_8BIT
BB_5 ==> B1/D1_3BIT
BB_6 ==> B2/D2_3BIT
BB_8 ==> B/D_8BIT
Updated the calcode attribute of the AntsolType element in the antsol multicast to contain Field.code (from the SDM) rather than calibration scanIntents.
BB_1 and BB_2 kludge (mapping them to BB_4 and BB_8, respectively) removed since it is no longer needed.


-- JuergenOtt - 2010-04-19
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