Hi Juergen.
I deployed TelCal 1.4.0 today on both my weekly and daily environments.

evla-telcal-1.4.0 (15dec2009)
Updated evla-commons dependency to 1.4.8-SNAPSHOT.
Fixed skyFreq calculation in Antsol so that it uses the correct SpectralWindow row for each SpectralWindow (subband) in the subscan.
Changed the ra and dec lookup from the Source table to the Field table and removed our Source table lookup as it is no longer needed.
Removed AntsolDbLoader from install script. Antsol data is logged in the main TelCal program now instead of with a listener.
Initial creation of the delay file.
The subband picked for Pointing and Delay will be subband 1 if it exists, and subband 0 otherwise. Logging File Names in the antsol file writer and both pointing files writers now use the program name like Delay does.
Updated TelCalStandAlone to override the path constants for the output files and instead put all the main output files in the current directory.
Updated the log directory for Antsol, GPM and Delay files to /home/mchost2/evladata/telcal/.
Initial creation of the Global Pointing Model (Peek) file.
Updated time format in PointingDetails and Delay files.


-- JuergenOtt - 2009-12-15
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