I deployed TelCal 1.5.11 to test and production today.

evla-telcal-1.5.11 (10may2010)
Updated the path to the SVN repository and to the Eclipse files in the install.sh script.
Focus: now displays elevation in degrees rather than radians.
Focus: updated good estimated beamwidth range to [7,11].
Focus: now using states 2&3, 5&6, 8&9.
Focus: updated the formating of the estimated beamwidth column in the FOC file to align the decimals.
Changed the performance stats collector to get basebandName from the SDM instead of the BDF file. (Antsol was already doing this but I forgot to change the stats collector.)
Fixed averaging of the Reference Pointing solution so that averages are done within each polarization first, then the resulting two solutions (one for each polarization) are averaged together for a final solution.
Handle non-normal station names better by catching the NFE if the station name doesn't end in an integer.
ptgsol file (containing the ptgsol multicast data used for reference pointing) is now stored in the shared file space instead of in the local telcal logs area.


-- JuergenOtt - 2010-05-11
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