Hi Juergen.

I tagged and deployed a new version (tag) of TelCal today:
evla-telcal-1.1.4 (09nov2009)

This version is installed on my Weekly (production), Daily (test) and Dev environments.

Production: /home/mc2host/evla/telcal/prod/
Test: /home/mctest/evla/telcal/test/
Development: /home/mctest/evla/telcal/dev/

The production and test environments are currently running. The dev environment only runs when I'm testing something.

Here is a list of previous versions (tags) of TelCal for your reference:

evla-telcal-1.0.0 (19aug2009) - Initial release. Basic antsol function.
evla-telcal-1.1.0 (09oct2009) - Fully-function antsol release based on SdmInfo message passing.
evla-telcal-1.1.1 (15oct2009) - Updated dependencies (commons and sdm projects) and other minor changes.
evla-telcal-1.1.2 (16oct2009) - Minor updates to the AntsolDbListener (which logs all antsol solutions to text files).
evla-telcal-1.1.3 (28oct2009) - Updated hints and accuracy calculations in antsol. Now logging antsol performance.
evla-telcal-1.1.4 (09nov2009) - Fixed the shape of antsol hints (polarization dimension). Updated AntsolDbLoader text format.


-- JuergenOtt - 2009-11-09
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