I deployed TelCal 1.5.4 to test and production today.

evla-telcal-1.5.4 (09mar2010)
Instead of determining the arrayConfiguration by heuristics, it is now just looked up from ExecBlockTable.configName (or defaults to A-configuration).
Initial conversion of delayup.c into Java.
Added a property in telcal.properties to turn on/off the valid data checks in pointing.
The correct SpectralWindow table row is now looked up using basebandName.
Changed the minFlux test in the pointing solver from 0.001 to 0.0003.
Changed skyFreq in the antsol message from Hz to MHz and updated the code in Pointing, Delay and Focus to expect skyFreq in MHz.
Fixed the data for the Peek file so that it excludes bad data (per IF) if the telcal.properties switch ptgsol.validateData is true.


-- JuergenOtt - 2010-03-09
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