I deployed TelCal 1.5.8 to test and production today.

evla-telcal-1.5.8 (08apr2010)
Acceptable beamwidth range in pointing changed from [1.6,2.4] to [1.4,2.2].
Updated TelCalStandAlone.java to run with or without the SdmInfoMessages.tmp file.
Now uses basebandName from the SDM rather than from the BDF.
If the basebandName from each source doesn't match, a warning is logged.
Implemented multiple subarrays in TelCal.
Delay, pointing and focus files are named using a trucated dataSetId rather than ExecBlock.observerName.
Changed the performance stats collection to write a file per dataSetId rather than a file per day.
Several minor bug fixes.


-- JuergenOtt - 2010-04-14
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