Keith Cummings wrote:
> Juergen,
> I deployed telcal version 1.4.1 to test and stable environments today.
> Thanks,
> Keith
> evla-telcal-1.4.1 (06jan2010)
> Updated the Global Pointing Model file format and file name.
> Added overTheTop lookup to Pointing.
> Fixed NPE in Pointing when there was no antsol solutions for either polarization in PeekTextFileWriter.getGoodBadAntennaLists().
> Changed pointing from using the state field to using the offsets in the Pointing Table and the ON_SOURCE/OFF_SOURCE subscan intents.
> Fixed the timeInterval matching code in getWeather().
> Fixed divide-by-zero error when then is no weather data.
> Fixed sum fields in the average-in method.
> Added which IFs provided solutions to the AntsolStatsCollector.
> Updated to latest version of the SDM project.
> Production ptgsol socket changed to match existing ptgsol socket.
> Now using Rich's new ArrayTimeInterval.intersects(arrayTimeInterval) method to determine which rows of weather data to include for each subscan.
> Changed the TextFileWriter superclass to close the file stream after every use.
> Update the bdf file path as needed when using the Lustre file system.
> Changed timezone used for file name creation to use GMT instead of local time.
> Added the number of integrations to the delay file comment line.
> Adjusted the format of the Peek pointing file so that if the offsets, beamWidths or amplitudes are >= 10 the formatting stays intact.
> Moved the SDM table lookup method above the call to antsol so that it happens sooner after the sdmInfo message is received.
> Flipped the Delay Sign.
> PtgsolTextFileWriter: Adjusted the format so that if the offsets are >= 10 the formatting stays intact.
> Updated the POM to use the lastest vesion of evla-commons (1.4.8).

-- JuergenOtt - 2010-01-11
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