Since I plan on being out Mon-Wed next week, these are the updates in the current working CMIB sftware (all boards except for the PTC)

Timing: TIC bug fix
TIC table: add sample time to root element, remove integration boundaries (no longer integrated)
Timecode: Timing GUI LEDs are latched, LEDs in 'more...' popup are integrated for 1 second.
Timecode: force immediate ppsDelay correction when timecode switches from A to B plus add log message when this happens.
Filter: phase error sign flip bit asserted for lower sidebands
Configuration: Placing filter in 'standby' will load low-power LUT into stage 1 and set station ID to '0' at output of board (on a filter by filter basis)
Configuration: Queue added to baseline board.
RXP: log lost locks on inputs from wafers


-- JuergenOtt - 2009-11-20

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