Meeting Information

  • 1600 UT (0900 MST)
  • AOC 317; IP:; phone: +1 575-835-7370


  • Purpose of the meeting
    • Essentially to review the status of the various commissioning groups from week to week; provides an opportunity to review the cross-over/overlap areas between the groups; review the priorities to ensure we're tackling the highest priority items. Lots of meetings each week at different levels but this combined with the detailed technical discussions from Rick/Michael should give the overview of where we're going in the commissioning effort.
    • Meeting Time: Is there a good one??
  • Review/refine commissioning task plan expectations:
    • Review missing plans.
  • Commissioning Plan Organization
    • High level lists of tasks; ensure that we have clear the priorities.
  • This week in Commissioning
    • Update on B/D IFs (Michael/Rick)
    • Readiness for first OSRO observation: C/X band candidates (Lorant); okay for 3 sec integrations? non-standard C band frequencies okay? How wide can we go (B/D attenuator settings over the full band). AH1004?
    • Plans/readiness for commissioning group task observations

Common Data Flow Issues/Recommendations
(leads note any issues interfering with planned observations)

  • Systems status (from EVLA Coordination Meeting Summaries)
    • Antennas, Receivers, Correlator, CBE, OPT, Executor, MCAF, Archive
  • Calibration
  • Flagging
  • SDM
  • Archive Functionality
  • Post-processing
    • AIPS
    • CASA

Commissioning plans

  • Critical Commissioning Support (Highest Priority)
    • Systems Checkout (Antennas, Correlator and CBE, OPT, Executor and MCAF, Archive)
    • Band Observing Checkout (Sub-GHz, Low Freq, Mid Freq, High Freq)
    • Observing Mode Checkout (Spectral Line, Continuum, Polarization, Solar, Planetary)
    • Observing Support (Documentation, OPT, Scheduling, Instrument models, Calibrator survey/models DB, Rapid response observing, demo science, post-processing).
    • OSRO
      • OSRO1: Continuum
          • AH1004
      • OSRO2: Spectral line
    • RSRO

  • Advanced Science Support
    • Pipeline (auto-flagging, pipeline calibration, pipeline imaging, pipeline analysis and quality assessments)
    • Advanced Observing Modes (Pulsar, VLBI, Time Domain, Survey Modes)
    • Advanced Data Techniques (Astrometry, Mosaicing, Time Domain processing, Advanced algorithms)
    • Advanced Post-processing

-- JosephMcMullin - 23 Feb 2010
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