Configuration Mapper Release Notes

Release notes located at: /export/home/mccc/services/mccc/vciMapper.ReleaseNotes.txt

04 Aug 2011

CM Release: 2011-08-04

Minor changes related to log messages:
  • - HTML interface (web-page) link 'Last Error' now displays 5 most recent error logs, instead of only one.
  • - changed priority of some debugging logs from 'warning' to 'info'.

03 Aug 2011

CM Release: 2011-08-03

  • - This version does not re-map activation queue when CBE response (nodeMaps) is received. Remapping causes CM to revoke already transmitted configuration i.e. to remove configuration from CMIB input queue and send deconfig to CBE. CM creates a copy of the most recent CorrModel and re-maps the VCI messages. In some cases 'revoke configuration' means that CM sends CBE deconfig before CBE response (nodeMaps) is received. This causes CBE to fail. Eventually, CBE will implement additional message to be used in such cases.
  • - Also CM does not re-transmit CBE configuration in the case of failure. Retransmission is not easy to handle well and CBE failure is a major failure, it is not likely that there will be any useful output data if CBE
fails during the script.

28 Jul 2011

CM Release: 2011-07-28

  • - major changes for activation queue. Changes were required in order to properly handle multiple subarrays and CBE configuration. Changes were required so that CM can config/deconfig that can properly handle configuration requests that are submitted out of order (not hronologically).
  • - Baseline Board configuration: blanking during configuration change is requested only for the columns affected by the change (not for entire board).
  • - CBE configuration: to prepared for name change from nodeMaps to productDestinations, this version of CM can handle both names.
  • - CBE configuration: CBE cannot handle empty list for polarization product and auto-correlation products. When auto-correlations are not required, attribute sdpp is not specified.
  • - CM is able to generate alerts.
  • Performed extensive testing related to:
    • multiple subarrays
    • configurations received out of oder
    • deleting a subarray that was never forwarded to CBE and CMIBs (sitting in actQueue).
    • deleting subarray that was forwarded to CBE and CMIBs but never activated,
    • deleting one of several subarrays, etc.

07 Jun 2011

CM Release: 2011-06-07
  • No notes!

31 May 2011

CM Release: 2011-05-31

  • - fix for the 'missing scan' problem. Previous version fixed only half of the problem. In this version the list of CBE deconfigs is copied from one CorrModel to the next as is, i.e. newx CorrModel points to the same list, not to the copy of the list.
  • - further work on alerts. This version is able to generate:
    • vci-config-failure
    • cbe-config-failure
    • board-config-failure.
  • Alerts do not include config ID and are transmitted to the same multicast address used for VCI responses.

25 May 2011

  • CM Release: 2011-05-25
    • - fix for the "missing first scan". The source of the problem is inproper handling of CBE configuration status. This version replaces the status field in the class CorrModel with the object, so that scheduled configurations in the activation queue have access to the CBE status as it is updated.
    • - some work on the EVLA alerts. Add commands to disable/enable alerts.

24 Feb 2011

  • New version of CM: 2011-02-24 - not deployed after testing
  • CBE schema has been updated. Element pln (pipeline) attribute name sa changed to bdf.
  • auto-corrs for the array sum partly implemented. Please do not try to use this feature.

15 Feb 2011

  • New version of CM deployed: 2011-02-15 22:38 UT
  • 1. Summed Array (VDIF).
  • 2. Change proposed by Brent Carlson: To save power unused Recirculation Controller are set to 1Msample/second. In the initial version of CM unused RCs were set to 256Ms/s.
  • 3. Flush CMIB queues for all racks except S008 and B108.

16 Dec 2010

  • New version of CM deployed: 2010-12-16 20:47 UT
  • Fix for the buhg introducd in the previous release: java.lang.NullPointerException at ca.nrc.widar.vciMapper.CorrModel.parsePolProducts (

15 Dec 2010

  • New version of CM deployed: 2010-12-15 19:42 UT
  • Release notes:
    • Epoch for DUMPTRIG can be specified per subarray. DT epoch is an optional parameter, if not specified, CM does not send DT epoch to CMIBs and CBE (i.e. previously created VCI scripts can be used without changes). If specified, DUMPTRIG epoch is added to DUMPTRIG configuration for Station Board CMIBs and to CBE configuration. It is my understanding that the current version of CMIB and CBE software will ignore this parameter. (I actually tried to send "DUMPTRIG epoch", both CMIBs and CBE accepted the messages, but probably ignored the new parameter. )
    • "Infrastructure changes": CM now uses now version of the class DataReadyEvent.
  • Note: VCI Client - version 2010-12-09 11:11 has been deployed. No changes in the VCI Client code ! VCI Client has been re-compiled with the latest version of VCI schema, so that it accepts epoch for DUMPTRIG.

09 Dec 2010

  • VCI Client - version 2010-12-09 11:11 has been deployed.
  • No changes in the VCI Client code ! VCI Client has been re-compiled with the latest version of VCI schema, so that it accepts epoch for DUMPTRIG.

29 Nov 2010

  • VCI CM Release: 2010-11-29 20:33 UT:
  • Transmits configuration for the Station and Baseline Boards in asynchronous fashion, i.e. without waiting for the confirmation. This speeds up transmission. A new thread collects confirmations (callbacks) and updates the board status in the CM.
  • Known problem: THe main CM web-page does not display total time needed to transmit configuration for all the boards and receive confirmations. But, the pages "active configuration" and "scheduled configuration" display time needed to transmit the configuration for Station Boards and Baseline Boards.
  • Fix related to selection of auto-correlation products: Previous version did not handle gracefully the case when element autoCorr does not contain attribute "algorithm": Java exception generated in that case was intercepted and reported to user, but the diagnostic was not clear. This version, if algorithm is not explicitly specified, assumes autoCorrAlgorithm=halfStationsMaxProd (all products for half of the stations).

19 Nov 2010

  • New version of CM deployed: Release: 2010-11-19 20:13 UT
    • The latest version is now running on the MCCC.
  • I have tested new features and run basic sanity tests to verify that other functionality has not been affected. Before using this version for observing please run NRAO "sanity tests". Done.
  • Changes:
    • Time-out for HTTP when sending configuration to CMIBs has been changed to 1second (was 4 seconds).
    • CM now implements "modify subarray" for filter gain and sideband.
    • A minor update for VCI schema has been committed into SVN.
    • Change : some of the attributes in element bbParams that used to be required are now optional.
  • New Version of VCI Client GUI has been deployed (2010-11-19); No changes in VCI Client code. Re-compiled VCI Client to use the latest version of the VCI schema (changes in bbParams: sourceType, sourceId and polarization are not optional parameters).
  • MR Update: I re-started the delayModelTask on all the Station Boards in racks 1-7 (apart from s001-t-{0,1,2,3} which Bruce fixed up on Friday). This sets the delay model receiver to quit acting on sideband changes, i.e., makes it consistent with the latest CM. I tested this by observing C_osro, then X_osro, then CXobs_3C345 (which does 2 scans at C, then 2 at X, etc. etc.), to exercise the sideband changes; all seems well on all baselines, so we'll go with this tonight.

16 Nov 2010

  • New version of CM deployed: CM Release: 2010-11-16 18:07 UT
  • CBE total integration time calculated as : minHwIntegTime * ccIntegFactor * ltaIntegFactor * cbeIntegFactor * recFactor
  • Code that generates CBE configuration has been fixed and improved. CM is now able to properly handle the case when, for 8-bit samplers, two WIDAR BBpairs are assigned the same swbbName (AC_8BIT or DB_8BIT). One instance of the element bb (in bdfShape) contains all spectral windows with the same swbbName. In addition, CM verifies that swIndexes are correctly assigned. For each swbbName swIndexses must be assigned starting from 1 and there can be no gaps in the sequence. Examples: correct: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Incorrect: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7.
  • Code optimization for methods that parse VCI element stationInputOutput. Optimization resulted in reduction of code (removed duplicated code), which is very useful for maintenance.

09 Nov 2010

  • New version of CM deployed on 2010.11.09 18:37 UT
  • Support 'static recirculation' (== Baseline Board stacking; 4 BlB pairs to correlate to a single subband pair, doing different parts of the lag chain on different chips on different BlB yielding1024 spectral points (single polarization) and 2x512 spectral points (dual polarization) across a 128 MHz subband).

05 Nov 2010

  • New version of CM version deployed on 2010.11.05; It seems that there is some problem in CM-->CBE interaction. Needs to be tested.
    • Doesn't play well with CBE 20101101.0
  • Filter Gain parameters added to Subarray/stationInputOutput/baseBand.
  • New version of VCI schema is in /widar/schema/vci
  • Implemented "modify subarray". In this release only filter gain related parameters can be modified.
  • Release date and time is displayed as UT.
  • Fixed CBE configuration for recirculation.
    • Details: CM generated message indicates which set of lags is produced on each Correlator Chip. Elements xInp and yInp indicate whether input data has to be delayed and how much.
      • Example 1: Polarization product numLags=2048, no recirculation. Lag chain consists of 4 blocks, each block is produced on different CorrChip. Block has 512 lags.
        • 1. segment: Block 0: xInp=3 yInp=0
        • 2. segment: Block 1: xInp=2 yInp=1
        • 3. segment: Block 2: xInp=1 yInp=2
        • 4. segment: Block 3: xInp=0 yInp=3
      • Example2: Polarization product numLags=4096, recirculation factor=2. Lag chain consists of 8 blocks. Two blocks are produced on the same CorrChip. Block has 512 lags.
        • 1. segment: Block 0 and 1: xInp=6 yInp=0
        • 2. segment: Block 2 and 3: xInp=4 yInp=2
        • 3. segment: Block 4 and 5: xInp=2 yInp=4
        • 4. segment: Block 6 and 7: xInp=0 yInp=6
    • In the previous release(s) CM erroneously assumed that Block 0 has xInp=0 and yInp=4 (while opposite is the case).

21 Oct 2010

  • New version of CM has been deployed on MCCC server (10:08).
  • Fixed bugs related to recirculation (For dynamic recirculation CM usd to send bad value for input sample rate. Input sample rate was not properly calculated).

19 Oct 2010

  • I have deployed on the MCCC server a new version of CM with the fix for the bug related to recirculation which I found last week.
  • If you restart CM, the latest version will become active.

13 Oct 2010

  • New version of CM has been deployed on MCCC server (12:07).

27 Sep 2010

  • New version of CM has been deployed on MCCC server.
  • Release notes:
    • 1) All unused STB filters are set in software implemented "standby" state.
    • 2) All unused STB output wafers get input from filter 17 (which helps us detect which Baseline Board input data streams should be correlated and which not). This is not new functionality, due to some recent changes was disabled.
  • To start new version:
    • sudo /etc/init.d/widar-vciMapper stop
    • sudo /etc/init.d/widar-vciMapper start stations8racks_fixNT.xml

14 Sep 2010

  • CM Release: 2010/09/14
  • This version of CM implements additional algorithm for selection of polarization products: "allStationsMaxProd". This can be used to get all cross-correlation and all auto-correlation products for up to 20 antennas (stations).
    • This algorithm can not be used for subarrays that consist of more than 20 antennas (stations).
    • XML representation:

26 Aug 2010

  • CM Version deployed by SV on 2010.08.26:
  • 1) fix for the bug that caused CM to reject a valid VCI configuration if two or more BLB Pairs with the same ID but different Quad IDs are used for a subband.
  • 2) added "integrate" to list of CBE functions.

25 Aug 2010

  • CM Version deployed by SV on 2010.08.25
  • Changes in BLB configuration:
    • 1) There is no need any more to explicitely disable correlation before re-configuring Correlator Chip. This version of CM does not add "disable correlation" at the beggining of the message.
    • 2) Previous version of CM used to first generate and add to the message configuration for all the LTAs, and then generate and add to the message configuration for all the Corr.Chips. This version generates messages where LTA and CorrChip configurations are interlieved. This should not have impact on the CMIB behaviour (this is reversal of the change made in June 2010).

24 Aug 2010

  • CM Version deployed by SV on 2010.08.24
  • CM is now able to correlate input from antennas with different initial quantization (3bit and 8bit).
    • Note: BBIDs and BB pairs must be configured so that BBIDs match.
    • For example, one can not correlate BBpair 0/2 with BB pair 0/1.
    • This means that, WIDAR BBIDs cannot be assigned in the same fashion for 3bit IQ and 8bit IQ.
    • Detailed instructions will be added to the VCI Protocol Specification.

12 Aug 2010

  • CM Version deployed by SV on 2010.08.12
  • BLB configuration: added at the beginning of the message, removed which used to be added at the end of the message. Removed "clear errors" Reason: I am not sure if CMIB can handle two instances of the element in a single message.
  • HTML interface: added duration for the configuration of CBE, STBs and BLBs.
  • Fix for the bug introduced in the previous release: Bug was in CbeMessageHandler.handle when printing received message.
  • Release history can be found on the MCCC in the file : /opt/services/mccc/vciMapper.ReleaseNotes.txt

09 Aug 2010

  • CM Version deployed by SV on 2010.08.09
  • A new release of CM, which implements switched power related attributes, has been deployed on the MCCC server.
  • I am adding Spectral Window IDs (swbbName and swIndex) and switched power related attributes to Station Board GUI. New release of the GUI will be available later today.
  • Note: new attributes are defined as optional, both CM and STB GUI should work with older version of CMIB software.
  • Details (also available on MCCC /opt/services/mccc/vciMapper.ReleaseNotes.txt) :
    • i) Added Switched Power related attributes to VCI Baseband:
      • -swPwrEpoch
      • -swPwrInteg (integration time in milliseconds)
      • Same parameters were added to Station Board configuration (element vciConfiguration/dataPath).
    • ii) Change for Station Board configuration: unused filters are now set to "standby" state. Note: this is not FPGA standby state, this is "soft" standby state implemented by Station Board CMIB software. There should be no change in CMIB behaviour.
    • iii) Implemented VCI configuration for WBC products.
    • iv) Optimization for logs generated when sending configuration to CMIBs. CM now generates one log for all the Station Boards (as a digest). The same will be implemented for Baseline Boards.
    • v) CM now logs changes to CM setup, e.g. enable/disable schema validation, enable/disable logging, block send for CBE or CMIBs, etc.

29 Jul 2010

  • CM Version deployed By SV on 2010.07.29
  • Added attributes swbbName and swIndex to Station Board configuration. This is needed so that Station Baord CMIB software can insert this information into reports for switched power (power counts).

28 Jun 2010

Bug fix.

27 Jun 2010

  1. Do not flush CMIB queues when replacing the 1st CorrModel in the actQueue. This is fix for the bug introduced in the previous version. An example of the test case:
    1. At 11:30 CM receives request: delete subarray S-1, actTime 12:05. CM creates a new instance of the CorrModel, performs mapping and forwards the configuration to the CBE and CMIBs.
    2. At 11:40 CM receives request: create subarray S-2, actTime 12:05. CM creates a copy of the previously created CorrModel for 12:05, applies new configuration request to that copy, replaces the old version with the new (in actQueue), and forwards configuration only to CBE/CMIBs affected by the latest change. When replacing previously created version of the CorrModel for 12:05 with the new, CM should not flush CMIB queues. Explanation: components (CMIBs) affected by "delete subarray S-1" are not necessarily affected by "create subarray S-2".

25 Jun 2010

Release notes for version 2010/06/25:

  1. Fix for the bug that causes invalid sample rate to be specified for Rec.Controllers for 3-bit samples.

  1. Command "delete all active subarrays". Implementation has introduced the following restriction: string "all" CANNOT be used as subarray name. xml element: is interpreted as: delete all active subarrays. A button "delete all subarrays" has been added to the VCI M&C (client) GUI.

  1. Command "flush input (activation) queue" for all the CMIBs (i.e. all the Station Boards and all the Baseline Boards). VCI M&C (client) GUI implements the button.

  1. When removing the 1st scheduled configuration from the activation queue, CM sends command "flush queue" to the CMIBs for which configuration has been already transmitted. Note: CM removes configuration from the activation queue:
    • a) when command "flush activation queue" is received,
    • b) if new configuration should be inserted in the queue, and it is scheduled before other configurations that are waiting to be activated.

  1. Minor changes in the CM Web-page

-- JosephMcMullin - 28 Jun 2010
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