CBE Rollback

Installation of the CBE software is completed by using the stow command. In the production environment, all available CBE software versions are in the directory /opt/cbe-local/wcbe-daily/stow.

How to change to a different CBE version

  • wcbetool down
  • wcbe_services all stop
  • cd /opt/cbe-local/wcbe-daily/stow
  • stow -D *
  • stow [desired version]
  • wcbe_services all start
  • wcbetool up

Note on directory names of CBE software versions in the stow directory.

  • Names ending in a date-like string, for example, wcbe-20100521.0 are released versions. These versions have an equivalent tag in the svn repository.

  • Names ending in something like a word, for example, wcbe_act are development versions. Normally these versions are not fully tested, and do not have an equivalent tag in the svn repository. On occassion, the production environment does run these, but I try to avoid it.

-- MartinPokorny - 01 Jul 2010
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