Archive Component Rollback Instructions

Archive servlet

Each released version of the archive servlet code is is saved in an svn branch and tagged with names containing the release version number. In order to rollback to an earlier release, you may either recover the archive.war war file for that release, or reconstruct the war file by rebuilding the release branch.

The simplest way to rollback to an earlier release is to directly redeploy the archive.war file from an earlier build. The archive.war files for preivous and current releases are stored in /home/

Undeploy the current archive.war server using the Tomcat Web Application Manager,

The user login and password may be obtained from J. Benson or S. Witz. Find the row in the Application Table for the NRAO Archive Query Tool. Click the Undeploy link in that row.

Deploy the desired version of the archive.war file.

Identify the desired archive.war file in /home/ and cp it to archive.war. In the 'War File to Deploy' window in the Tomcat Web App. Manager browse to /home/ and select archive.war. Click the Deploy button. A new row for 'NRAO Archive Query Tool' will appear in the Application Table.

Check the deployment. Bring up the Archive Query Tool on a browser, If the NRAO Science Data Archive : Advanced Search Tool comes up, the deployment has succeeded. Run a simple test query. On the query results web page in the upper left corner, click on the Show Query Parameters link. A new window will come up. In the lower right corner the release version number appears, eg., gila.5.6.54



NGAS servers

Data Ingest Tools

Data delivery Tools

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