26 Mar 2010 Review

1 - status of current assignments

ECDATA-JIRA  project  info   obs.date  band  name        status
    71      AE176    run 2   20mar     L    Jacqueline  released
    72      AK730    GRB     20mar     X    Joe         released
    73      AY199    run     20mar     L    Emmanuel    released
    74      AS1012   run 1   20mar     C    Mark        in progress
    77      AU129    run 2   21mar     C    Gustaaf     released, but
                                                        add earlier
                                                        runs to this

2 - checklist

   1 - after applying online flags, is there enough data on each
   2 - are the amplitude ad phase gains stable (i.e. no jumps you
       couldn't attribute to weather)
   3 - check delays.  Are there fewer than 4 turns across a 128
       MHz subband?  AIPS FRING not required: bandpass inspection
       is sufficient
   4 - bandpass: for spectral line observing and multiple bandpass
       scans: is there any significant change over time?
   5 - polarization quality (if applicable).   Jumps in RL/LR
       amplitude /phase vs time on a calibrator?
   6 - major RFI
   7 - are the frequencies as requested in the OPT?  OPT info will
       be added to the JIRA ticket
   8 - check zeros for OSRO2, AC
   9 - for upcoming high frequency observing: check reference

3 - problems/issues encountered

   1 - continue to use flagant until importevla is fixed
   2 - CASA split takes too long when time averaging for large
       data sets.  Jurgen will check with Rob if this warrants
       a CASA JIRA ticket
   3 - importasdm (which appears to work fine in general) fails
       on the demo science data

4 - releasing data to observer: Gustaaf has e-mailed guidelines

5 - upcoming projects:

JIRA ticket band  PI         code    assigned  note
100          X    Chandra    AC968   Gustaaf
101          C    Soderbergh AS1020  Gustaaf   Laura C. on proposal
102          X    Sahai      AS1021  Mark C.   Mark C. on proposal

More expected this weekend.

-- JosephMcMullin - 26 Mar 2010
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