RSRO/ECSO Status for 2012 A Configuration

Project Band(s) Test Code Science SBs Science Time Notes JIRA
12B-002 CXKu TRSR0056 3-bit by OST 9.75/10 Sjouwerman, 12B Any  
12B-078 CKKa TRSR0057 3-bit by OST 3/3 Claussen, 12B Any  
12B-196 Q TRSR0055 3-bit by OST 54/60 Chandler, petitioned for A=>D  
12B-306 CKaQ TRSR0057 3-bit by OST 0/13.5 Claussen  
12B-392 Ka   By OST 6/6 Claussen, DDT  
AC982 Ka TRSR0002 By OST 110.5/110.5 Chandler  
12A-336 L TRSR0052 By hand 14.5/15 Law, 12A+12B Any  
12A-429 L TPUL0001 By hand 0/33 Demorest, 12A+12B Any  
12A-477 X TRSR0053 Radar by hand 2.67/3 Busch, DDT  
12B-090 KaQ TRSR0054 3-bit by OST 10/10 Yen  
12B-091 Q TRSR0054 3-bit by hand 7/7 Yen  
12B-363 CS TRSR0058 Subarrays by hand else by OST 15/16 Mutel, 12B Any, 2h on webtest included  
12B-394 low TRSR0059 By OST 4.5/9 Kassim, DDT  
12B-396 L TRSR0060 By hand 10/10 A. Mao, DDT  
12B-397 4low TRSR0061 By OST 5/5 Neff, DDT  
12B-399 4low   By OST 3/3 M. Mao, DDT  
-- DebraShepherd - 2012-09-28
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