Little Things Remote Access

A. Key Manipulation

There is an individual ssh key that each user will need to access their local account on the NRAO server (things).

On your local computer you will need to save the user-key into the .ssh directory in your home directory. Please create this directory if it does not already exist.

To add an ssh key on a Linux or Mac system X terminal, use the following steps:

1. ssh-agent bash [you can specify a different shell if desired]

2. ssh-add user_key [you will need the passphrase at this point]

3. use ssh-add -L to view key(s) loaded

Note: The Apple application, SSHKeychain, can be used to manage your ssh keys once installed -

B. SSH Key Management

Once the key is in the keyring, you can use the following command to access the NRAO server:

ssh -YA -l remote-account

If you would like to change the passphrase for an ssh-key, use the following syntax:

ssh-keygen -p -d -f keyfile

Substitute the key that you are attempting to change in for keyfile

C. Pushing and Pulling Data to Server

To transfer data to the NRAO system once your ssh-key is loaded, use the following syntax:

   scp -pr _data_directory_  .

To pull data from the NRAO system to your local system, use the following syntax:

   scp -pr  .

Example One -- Pulling Data

   scp -pr  .

This will put a copy of the DA1234 directory into the current working directory (cwd) on your system.

Example Two -- Pushing Data

   scp -pr DA1234

This will push the DA1234 directory and it's contents to the things server and place it in your home directory. Don't forget the trailing colon!

-- TracyHalstead - 2009-05-27
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