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Log of Wuppi Pulsar Configurations and Example Data

The WUPPI pulsar backend is used with the 43m in a variety of observing configurations. This document is a chronological description of IF filter configurations.

Observing Log

Below is a chronological listing of the WUPPI observations, with selected plots of the band pass spectra (View images individually for more detailed views).

2010 June 6 (43mDisk9) Galactic Plane map of 195d Longitude (>800 files)

Observed the galactic plane and Moon in the 800-1600 MHz mode. Down sampled in time by a factor of 4 to reduce data volume and reject RFI.

2010 August 3 (MJD 55411) (43mDisk?)

Observed with Wuppi configured for 220 MHz clock speed. Had RF filters yielding signal in the range 250 to 420 MHz. This mode is difficult to setup as a clock must be created based on the maser 10 MHz and special filters installed at the 43m.


Observation time vs pulse phase

Folded profile

Average giant pulse profile

2010 November 15 (43mDisk9) Pulsars 0329+54 and 1937+21

Short pulsar test observations using the 1.5 to 3.0 GHz feed. Reasonable results, but somewhat lower than usual SNR. Observations made at 800 to 1600 MHz.

2010 November 16 (43mDisk9) Long Crab pulsar observation

Long giant pulse search observation. Used 1.5 to 3.0 GHz feed and down sampled in time by a factor of 4. This may cause a loss of some giant pulses.

2010 December 1 (43mDisk9) Short test observation of 0329+54

Three file observation of 0329+54, used 1.5 to 3.0 GHz feed, but did not down sample in time.

2010 December 2 (43mDisk9) Long Crab pulsar observation

Observed simultaneously with Tim Hankins GBT project to measure Crab giant pulses at 15 to 45 GHz. The 43m observed using the 1.5 to 3.0 GHz feed. Since the observing band was mostly below 1.5 GHz, the SNR of these observations was lower than average. Total of 6 hours of observations.


Mitch M. searched for giant pulses in the observations and plotted them as a function of Crab Pulsar phase.

2010 December 8 (43mDisk9) 250 seconds duration

During a short tracking window, we configured to test pulsar observations with the 0.15 to 1.7 GHz feed. We observed the crab pulsar for a total of approximately 4 minutes. Data quality was very good.


2010 December 11 (MJD 55541) () 20000 seconds duration

Observation taken in conjunction with a GBT crab pulsar observation at 40 GHz. We configured the 43m for 0.8 to 1.6 GHz bandwidth and 61. u-second dump time. Total observation duration was 20000 seconds. Test folds of beginning, middle and end data looked good.

crabFoldA10Dec11.png crabFoldB10Dec11.png crabFoldC10Dec11.png
Crab pulsar observation on 10Dec11
Fold of the first 60 seconds, with bright main pulse
Fold of middle 60 seconds, with bright inter pulse Fold of last 80 seconds, bright main pulses

Observation time vs pulse phase

Folded profile

Average giant pulse profile

2010 December 18 (43mDisk11) Test observations of Pulsar 1737+13

2010 December 19 () Two hours of Crab observations

2010 December 21 () Gain calibration and 3 hours crab observations

-- GlenLangston - 2010-12-11
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