Vegas Pulsar Software Plan

This is the general plan for the development and test of the software side of the VPM project. (As discussed in the meeting on 2015-04-08)

1. Get Manager running properly.
  • Incoherent, coherent, fast, raw dump
  • Set parameters using grail/python scripts. (Adapt DIBAS scripts)
  • No IF necessary (but optional)
  • Use existing HPC code (vegas_hpc, guppi_daq), and existing BOFs
  • Success = Everything runs, PSRFits match DIBAS
  • Time frame: Mid to late April (hopefully)
A. Repeat 1 with Matrix control of HPC software.
  • Task control
  • Replace shared memory
  • Success = Results match results of Section 1.
  • Time frame: Sometime in late Q3 or early Q4 of 2015 (?)
B. Regression tests with spectral line modes with Matrix.
  • Success = Results match current VEGAS Spectral Line Manager
  • Time frame: ?
C. Config tool control

D. Dual Backend Ops (VEGAS | GUPPI)

E. User interfaces / Data displays (ADC Histograms)
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