VEGAS Pulsar Science Discussions



  • Do we have the correct list of modes (complete, and no extraneous ones)
  • Is there a strong priority order for release
  • Do either of the above need to be discussed with a wider group (e.g. GBSCI, or NanoGRAV)

Dual-backend operation

  • Do we need this to be fully supported in Astrid (may be a lot of work)?
  • Or, can we run one backend through Astrid, and configure/run the other through scripts

Data Displays

In / out of scope items

  • Is the current list correct?
  • In particular, data archiving?


Short Term Commissioning

  • covers basic checks of each mode to make sure they work properly
  • generate a spreadsheet / matrix of tests that need to be done x modes
  • classify as maintenance time / observing time (lots can be done with artificial pulsar)
  • Develop effort estimates
  • Write test plan
  • Can resuse DIBAS estimates / plans / etc

Long term Commissioning

  • Covers GUPPI / VEGAS cross-comparisons
  • What needs to be done?


  • Proposer's Guide
  • Observer's Guide
  • Trouble-shooting page
  • What else?

What Else?

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