VEGAS Pulsar Mode Scale Factors

This is a record of scale factors that give reasonably good output values in the VEGAS bandpass (i.e., the average bandpass is around 20-30 counts). The manager parameters are scale_i, scale_q, scale_u, and scale_v in incoherent modes, and scale_p0 and scale_p1 in coherent modes. These will be set using the vegas.scale config tool parameter.

Simulator Environment

These values all assume observation of the narrow-band artificial pulsar with the following settings
  • Pulsar Attenuation: 21
  • Output Attenuation: 10
  • Pulsar digital display: approximately 0.58
Note that the artificial pulsar has a bandwidth of approximately 150 MHz, so these scale factors are appropriate for the lower portion of the band. Further, because the srbs-hpc1 simulator has only one GPU, only the lower coherent subband (1/8 of the total bandwidth) is processed in coherent modes.

Coherent Modes

Mode BOF File Name Scale Factor
c0800x0256 c0800x0256_x14_7_2015_Jun_05_1912.bof 2.25
c0800x0512 c0800x0512_x14_7_2015_May_07_2038.bof 2.5
c1500x0128 c1500x0128_x14_7_2015_Jul_17_0910.bof 2.0
c1500x0256 c1500x0256_x14_7_2015_Jul_16_1141.bof 1.75
c1500x0512 c1500x0512_x14_7_2015_Dec_07_1057.bof 2.0
c1500x1024 c1500x1024_x14_7_2015_Jul_25_1525.bof 1.5
c1500x2048 c1500x2048_x14_7_2016_Jan_27_1507.bof 0.25

Incoherent Modes

Mode BOF File Name Scale Factor
i0800x0256 i0800x0256_x14_7_2015_Jun_04_2301.bof 90
i0800x0512 i0800x0512_x14_7_2015_May_17_2357.bof 90
i0800x1024 i0800x1024_x14_7_2015_May_13_2000.bof 80
i0800x2048 i0800x2048_x14_7_ss_2015_Dec_16_1028.bof 120
i0800x4096 i0800x4096_x14_7_2015_May_22_2349.bof 80
i1500x0512 i1500x0512_x14_7_2015_Jul_01_1649.bof 100
i1500x1024 i1500x1024_x14_7_2015_Jun_26_1625.bof 40
i1500x2048 i1500x2048_x14_7_ss_2015_Dec_15_1510.bof 80
i1500x4096 i1500x4096_x14_7_2015_Jun_26_0835.bof 40
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