VEGAS Pulsar Project Meeting - Sprint Planning: 2017 January 23rd 2:00 - 3:00pm ET


  • Ryan, Laura, Joe, Ray, Natalia, Jason, Randy, Richard


11/16 points were completed in the last sprint. Outstanding items are:
  • Release notes (Ryan)
  • Raw mode troubleshooting (Natalia/Ryan)
  • Rebase VPM branch on BTL branch (Ray)
  • Data visualization tools (Ryan/Ray)

Critical Issues

Data artifacts in coherent modes

Artifacts are present in the coherent modes. They seem to repeat in frequency space and more most apparent when observing the noise diode. Randy and Jason have a new BOF file to test that uses smaller PFB bins, which may help with spectral leakage. We will have to reassess once we see if this new PFB helps.

Manager Stability

The manager continues to get into a bad state, where a single bank refuses to take a scan and instead throws an abort. This may be due to the way the manager frees (or doesn't) locks on shared memory during an unexpected shutdown. The hope is that Ray and Joe's patches will fix this.

Rebase VPM branch on BTL branch

This needs to happen before further wok on the VPM branch can proceed. Ray plans to release BTL branch, rebase, and begin tests of the VPM branch.

New Stories

  • VE-154: Patch code in pulsar branch (Ray/Joe)
  • VE-2: Merge VPM software branches with release branches (Ray)
  • VE-164: Manager stability issues (Ray/Joe)
  • VE-156: Test new c0800x0512 BOF file (Ryan)
  • VE-156: Review high time resolution modes (Ryan/Natalia)
  • VE-171: Update SRBS (Joe/Wolfgang)
  • VE-162: Finish test environment assembly and move to equipment room (Jason)
  • VE-163: Review/assess design for LBW software components (Joe)
  • VE-170: Document plan/requirements for test environment (Jason)
  • VE-166: Deploy instrumented VEGAS HPC code (Joe)
  • VE-159: Review data visualization tools (Ryan/Ray)
  • VE-99: Release notes (Ryan)
-- RyanLynch - 2017-01-23
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