VEGAS Pulsar Mode Simulator

This page describes the VEGAS Pulsar Mode Simulator (VPMS), and describes how to run observations using it.

The Hardware

The VPMS is physically located in the Tape Room. It consists of:
  • The Solar Radio Burst Spectrometer (SRBS) Spectrometer. This comprises:
    • One Roach II
    • The same ADCs as are in VEGAS
  • the Simulator does not have an IF module. The software config file has a boolean entry to specify the presence (or not, in this case) of the hardware
  • The SRBS HPC srbs-hpc1
  • The artificial pulsar (will need to be left disconnected for now.)
  • A synthesizer to inject tones (can we leave one there, or will we need to borrow one each time?)
    • JMR -- We can leave one there (the one we use for ADC cal runs)
  • Possibly a low-pass filter and/or some pads if necessary
  • Enough 10 MHz reference signals so that everything can be locked to the same clock

The Software

The VPMS software consists of the DIBAS dealer / player software system.

The Firmware

  • Personalities available in /home/cicadaroots/vegasr2/boffiles

Running the simulator

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