VEGAS Pulsar Modes - Real-time displays

Current GUPPI displays

GUPPI has a number of programs/methods for monitoring the instrument and/or looking at data in real time during observing:


  • Text-based (curses) display showing status shared memory values.
  • Run from command line on beef.
  • Directly accesses status shared memory.
  • Works for all guppi modes.


  • Text-based display showing certain shared mem params (DROPTOT, etc) and recent guppi_daq output for all gpu nodes.
  • Run from command line on beef.
  • Accesses gpu node status shared mem via guppi controller.
  • Only relevant for coherent modes.


  • Displays histogram of raw ADC counts, used by observers to verify Balance worked.
  • Run from command line on beef.
  • Uses guppi controller to get data from HW (BEE2).
  • Works for all GUPPI modes (coherent/incoherent).


  • Shows a real-time display of the bandpass.
  • Run from command line on beef.
  • Accesses data shared memory buffers directly.
  • Only works for incoherent modes.


  • Plots most recent fold-mode data from output files on gpu nodes.
  • Output formatted into a web display:
  • Runs automatically on gpu nodes.
  • Only works for coherent fold modes.

Direct inspection of data files

  • Observers can look at final output files as they are being written using PRESTO/PSRCHIVE/etc pulsar software.
  • Run from command line on beef.
  • Only practical for incoherent modes (coherent mode requires logging in to gpu nodes).

Things that could be improved from GUPPI displays

  • Too many different programs / places to look.
  • Almost no feedback to operators about whether GUPPI is working.
  • No real-time data display (bandpass or similar) for coherent search mode.

VEGAS displays

Existing VEGAS software

  • vegasdm already does guppi_adc_hist functions.
  • vegas_status is identical to guppi_status.
  • hpc code (guppi_daq or its descendant) will write output files to lustre, so observers will still be able to interact directly with these.

Ideas for potential development

  • CLEO display that replaces some of the guppi_status/guppi_gpu_status functionality.
  • Single real-time display program that shows an appropriate summary of current data (depending on mode)?
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