VEGAS Team Meeting

January 30, 2012


  • CASPER Team:
    • Dan Werthheimer
    • Glenn Jones
    • Mark Wagner
    • Andrew Siemion

  • NRAO:
    • John Ford
    • Jason Ray
    • Randy McCullough
    • Mark Whitehead
    • Patrick Brandt
    • Galen Watts
    • Marty Bloss
    • Anish Roshi

Meeting Notes:

  • March Testing Status
    • Mode 1 working and tested at high clock rate
      • Changes implemented and tested - last clock rate achieved is 362.5 MHz on a similar spectrometer
    • IF/LO hardware
      • Circuit board fabrication underway
    • Config Tool/Balancing
      • MR ready for checking by software group
    • ADC testing
      • Used a Roach 1 board, two ADCs and valon synthesizer, two uncorrelated noise sources for testing
      • Reviewed results of tests on the National and ASIAA ADCs
      • Recommend ASIAA 5G ADC for purchase
        • Using the actual FPGA code we can do Allan-variance tests - it would be good to run soon if we think it will influence the purchase decision
      • Anish will document and publish findings this week
      • NRAO will send remaining 5G ADC to UC-B.
    • Gathering of Roach and ADC hardware
      • Reviewed the checklist that Jason built for the hardware items for the March test.
      • There is a strong preference for the overall configuration to mimic the final configuration. Plan for eight Valons for the test at this point.
    • NRAO Modification Request (MR) status: Noted as 'VEGAS' in NRAO Plan of Record
    • Software integration tasks
      • Integrated testing of VEGAS manager with other GBT software and checking the data with GBTIDL.
      • Testing the VEGAS Manager along with GBTIDL to see whether the state integration is done correctly.
      • Testing VEGAS configuration for mode 1 (and 13) using config tool.

  • Plots from ADC tests
    • Plots from ADC testing as of January 30, 2012 (Zip File)

-- MartyBloss - 2012-01-30
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