VEGAS Team Meeting

434-817-6443# (telephone)


Adam, Sam, Marty, John, Richard, Randy, Joe, Paul, Jason, Mark, Anish


  1. Status of internal RFI and OGP solution (Berkeley group issue)
  2. Mode 10-19 hardware fix
  3. Baseline ringing (high frequency noise) in VEGAS data
  4. Top Hat
  5. Status of MRs
  6. Test Time
  7. Other

Meeting notes:

  1. Status of internal RFI and OGP solution (Berkeley group issue)
    • No update since last Monday
    • Get update report from UCB every Friday
    • Discussion of separating Offset and Gain from Phase calibrations
      • This could be accomplished
      • Assume(!) this solution is what UCB is already pursuing
  2. Mode 10-19 hardware fix
    • corrected packet ordering problem
    • SRBS data also has what look suspiciously like OGP-derived artifacts *created a simulation of 150 version for additional evaluation
      • Perform time-domain tests
    • Still no mode 13 fix
  3. Baseline ringing (high frequency noise) in VEGAS data
    • David Frayer has a nice new writeup on the wiki showing positive results about stability
    • All signs point to ringing caused by a standing wave in the cabling between Converter Rack and VEGAS
    • Mitigation ideas:
      • insulated cables, more thermally stable cables (semi-rigid instead of semi-flex?)
      • Partial alleviation through pads at connectors
    • Additional testing of pads and replacement cables over next couple weeks
  4. Top Hat
    • No re-occurance in last week
    • Seen once in SRBS
    • Current solution is acceptable (Manager aborts w/message) is acceptable and issue closed
  5. Status of MRs
    • HWEXPO rounding MR
      • MR is needed to capture preferred solution - based on latest emails from list
    • VEGAS Balancing
      • Melinda tests starting this week
  6. Test Time
    • Tuesday
      • 8a OGP statistics [Marganian and Ray]
    • Wednesday (Test w/motion 1200 - 1300)
      • 9a - 2p Tests of pads on baseline ringing [Kobelski and Ford] * Test any new BOFs
  7. Other
    • Partial success in new GB build environment (L8 only)

-- MartyBloss - 2014-09-29
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