VEGAS Team Meeting

434-817-6443# (telephone)


Adam, Marty, John, Joe, Paul, Randy, Ray, Anish, Jason, Sam


  1. Updates on the OG(P) calibration
  2. Items tested last week
  3. KFPA - VEGAS problem
  4. Test Time
  5. Other

Meeting notes:

  1. Updates on the OG(P) calibration
    • Tested UCB code and got results on 2nd run (no balance 1st run)
    • now need to interpret these results into something our system understands
    • investigating if the results will be receiver-dependent
    • RFI could indicate a noise source is better
  2. Items tested last week
    1. Integration time MR
      • Released and tested - close
    2. Mode 10-19 hardware fix
      • Updated BOF in Joe's hands for testing
        • fixed 1/2 bandwidth ghosting issue
    3. VEGAS Blanking fix and impacts
      • Mainly fixed except:
      • Not yet fixed for mixed mode (requires special allocation of highest mode bandwidth on bank A)
        • Add to observer guide
        • could be handled by coordinator (not planned at this time)
  3. KFPA - VEGAS problem (AGBT14B_342)
      • Header information in VEGAS is not filled, VEGAS data looks OK (though not necessarily 100%),
      • Everything is fine when using Spectrometer
      • Seems like it is not a VEGAS problem - Adam to do deeper investigation via raw engineering fits files
  4. Test Time
    • Wednesday
      • KFPA testing w/VEGAS [Kobelski]
    • Friday
      • 10-12 Balance tests [Roshi]
  5. Other

-- MartyBloss - 2014-10-27
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