VEGAS Team Meeting

February 27, 2012


  • Dan Wertheimer
  • Mark Wagner
  • Glenn Jones

  • John Ford
  • Jason Ray
  • Patrick Brandt
  • Galen Watts
  • Marty Bloss
  • Anish Roshi

Meeting Notes:

Logistics for March tests and observations.
  • Transportation and accommodation logistics in place
  • Arrival begin on March 11 with plans for work to begin on March 12
March Testing Status
  • Mode 1 working and tested at high clock rate more testing ok for march
    • filters will be ~1.25 GHz bandwidth (1250 MHz per roach)
  • Roach boards from UC-B for March test can be shipped this week.
    • Roaches and other items have arrived in GB
    • Expect remaining ADCs due in next Wednesday in UCB. Send to GB ahead of time for setup
      • 10 ADCs in GB 6 more from UCB
  • Computers for test
    • We'll have one computer for each ROACH (7) and distributed storage. Additional drives are ordered, arrived, and installed. All roaches and computers will attach to a 10 gbe switch. NRAO has the machines and the 10 gbe cards.
    • Hope to have config tool in place for March 12th tests and observations
    • Add section to wiki for tests to be conducted - separate into priorities (needed for obs. and needed as test)
      • Fully test the dual-port memory access as part of this test
      • Fully test switching signals if possible
      • ADC AsiaA testing
  • IF/LO hardware
    • Plan to have IF switches completed

  • NRAO Modification Request (MR) status: Noted as 'VEGAS' in NRAO Plan of Record
  • Software integration tasks
    • ADC sampling
      • Mark W has updated repository - dated Feb 19
    • DDL for the Coordinator
      • Should be ready if config tool can be updated
    • Roach switching signal tables
      • Code for setup in place, needs verifying
      • Mark Wagner needs to be involved in switching signal and signal generator control - needs final test and integration
      • Documentation for Srikanth's work is here

IF/LO setup software
  • Manager can communicate with IF switches, Melinda working on Config.
    • Needs most of the system in place to test,
  • Integrated testing of VEGAS manager with other GBT software and checking the data with GBTIDL.

Other VEGAS status:

  • ADC testing
    • Compile one roach with mode #1 and AsiaA ADCs for crosscoupling tests
    • Cross-coupling and Allan-Variance tests should be the last test required

MartyBloss - 2012-02-27
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