VEGAS Team Meeting

434-817-6443# (telephone)

Attendees: Ray, Adam, Sam, Marty, John, Richard, Randy, Dave, Joe


  1. DONE Status of “Spikes” in all modes
  2. DONE Update on OGP calibration measurements
  3. DONE Baselines
  4. DONE High-Resolution mode
  5. DONE "Top Hat" efforts
  6. DONE Potential integration time inconsistencies when mapping (Cleared?)
  7. DONE Test Time

Meeting notes:

  1. Status of “Spikes” in all modes
    • Most 'heavy lifting' happening at UCB & collaborators
  2. Update on OGP calibration measurements
    • Dependent on above
    • Could use astronomical sources for "O" and "P" in Python
      • Requires changes by Paul - John will request
      • Scientist w/signal processing background needed for details (Anish or Dan W.)
      • Meet w/UCB at 2pm?
  3. Baselines
    • temporal stability and high-frequency ripples (possible cabling issue?)
    • bring Steve W. and Galen into discussions
  4. High-Resolution mode
    • (13*/14/18*/19) fixes (* are newly identified issues)
    • Version #149 out with DMS for testing
      • Tests of version #149 are a now higher priority - It did not look good on SRBS platform - Joe to send results to Randy
  5. "Top Hat" efforts
    • Source not yet identified
      • difficulties reliably creating conditions have made it difficult to perform causal analysis
      • Ask [Richard] during observer support meeting today if Team can be notified when problem occurs during observation so that diagnostics can be tried
  6. Potential integration time inconsistencies when mapping
    • resolved with existing procedures - recommend an oversampling procedure for certain maps
    • Anish drafting MR to capture observer's desire - team recommends specifications be specific
  7. Test Time
    • Wednesday
      • 08:00 - 8:30 [Mello]
      • Motion after 12pm
    • Thursday
  8. Other

-- MartyBloss - 2014-09-22
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