VEGAS Team Meeting

November 19, 2012


CALTECH, UC-B, & Columbia

Dan W, Mark, Glenn


Anish, John Ford, Ray Creager, Mark Whitehead

Meeting Notes:

Next Teleconference: December 3, 2012 .

VEGAS Mode Development Status:

Mode development

Testing Status:

Status of the planned tests in December:
  1. ROACH-2 status
  2. SFP+ boards?
  3. Software changes required for R-2, if any
  4. Observing modes to be tested

Action Items:

  • Need to resolve Mellanox v. dual GPU issue. (John, Glenn, Dan)

Plan for the next observing

  • Schedule for next tests
    • December 17th everyone arrives -- Hong Chen, Mark, Andrew, Glenn, Jayanth
    • Should get the R-2 first week of December
    • Mode 13 tests

  • Glenn and Ray to test as soon as we get the R-2 next week

Other items:

Hardware procurement plans and schedules:

  • New ROACHs
    • One ROACH here this week with CX-4 and SFP+ interfaces.
    • Rest of them by the end of the month of November

  • New Computers?
    • Dual SB will be here, but we will only do 1 instance on it for the tests
    • Use N,S,E,W,Chicken, HPC10 and HPC11 (New SB machine)

-- MartyBloss - 2012-11-19
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