VEGAS Team Meeting

434-817-6443# (telephone)


Adam, Marty, John, Joe, Randy, Ray, Anish, Jason, Sam


  1. Updates on the OG(P) calibration
  2. Update on hardware fix for Mode 10-19
  3. Test Time
  4. Other

Meeting notes:

  1. Updates on the OG(P) calibration
    • Tests with IF rack noise source were not quantified because the calibration did not affect the spurs
    • Researching alternative test methodologies
      • looking at mirroring/ghost images (left/right) are being handled
      • May require noise source to not be in the center of the band
      • Should test with receiver IF after noise source calibration as a sanity check
  2. Mode 10-19 hardware fix
    • Discrepancy in gain vs. earlier version that works with the software fix
    • Discovered that cross-coupling noise source v139 was reasonable, but subsequent version was saturated
    • Looked an GB vs. UCB build environments
    • Created a test data flow to determine where the values were corrupted
    • Hardware issues stopped research - working with CIS to determine cause - then restart parallel builds
      • UCB & NRAO
  3. Test Time
    • Wednesday (1/2 day) - Maybe the new calibration [Marganian, Kobelski]
    • Friday
  4. Other
    • Anish has noticed a Mode 10 Cascaded Integrated Comb (CIC) filter (L8) issues
      • Could be response at edge of filter
    • Adam discussed a problem getting the HBW mode into Bank A when using KFPA
      • Wiring prevents using beam one on Bank A
      • Blanking has to be long enough to cover HBW on other banks
      • Edge triggering in HBW mode would solve the issue, but it is a good amount of work
      • Establishing a two-millisecond minimum blanking would also solve the issue
      • Optimum would be have the logic added to config tool to set the correct parameters for this situation
        • Ray and Joe to research

-- MartyBloss - 2014-11-17

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