VEGAS Team Meeting

July 16, 2012



  • Dan Werthheimer
  • Jayanth Chennamangalam
  • Mark Wagner
  • Glenn Jones


  • Marty Bloss
  • Anish Roshi
  • Ray Creager
  • John Ford
  • Galen Watts
  • Mark Whitehead
  • Randy McCullough

Meeting Notes:

Next Teleconference: July 30. 2012 .

Observation Status:

Roach II boards for full 8 channels will be available in September, making Roach delivery a critical path item for fall galactic center observations

VEGAS Mode Development Status:

Mode 13 is almost done, just compiled latest design. The bandwidth will be 22MHz but running at less right now. The plan is to move Mode 13 to Roach II then increase clock rate.

Testing Status:

  1. Testing of the new computer box. What needs tested, and who should do it? Glen will test if GB sets it up - should be able to use regular NRAO acct. Computer should be ready now, but needs a Roach attached. Tests will be conducted with Jayanth's GPU code. Probably not until next week - Glen will contact GB when he is ready to test
  2. Earlier Testing items
  • [Resolved] Mainly trying to get manager straightened out so it starts properly every time. Also looking at core arming. ok
  • [Pending] load infiniband stack on the HPC machines and rerun data rate tests - new machine

Test plan for July 17th (8:10 to 16:00)
  1. Test whether the LO blanking signal is blanking the data. (Check also whether the `actual integration time' changes).
  2. Check the realtime GFM display is working properly.
  3. Check the freq axis in GBTIDL using the tone generator.
  4. Check whether the `mean power' written in vegas fits file is estimated correctly (needed for balance)

Other items:

Ray will proceed with loading dual boot on N,S.E, & W for RH 5.x and 6 - should be no problem

Hardware procurement plans and schedules:
  1. Status of ROACH-II deliveries.
    • ~20 built and working, prod run 2 build is underway.
    • We need at least one of our VEGAS roaches back for other projects in late August, so we'll need some loaner roaches or the ROACH-II boards by then.
  2. Disruption of work for the CASPER workshop. We'll need the VEGAS test hardware, the development system at GB, and many or all of the Berkeley folks will be working on the workshop.
    • Tutorials are currently based on Roach I, Need about eight Roach 1 + workstations combinations
    • One or two Roach II configured workstations would be nice to have for those attendees with Roach II experience prior to w/s
    • Development tools
      • One library at Berkeley will be used for tutorials and it will remain stable for ~1 year others will be merged with this library
      • Test with this library before workshop

  • ALERT! Roach-II status. VEGAS order is in. Production boards should be available ~1 September (was ~1 August.) Between prototype and loaners VEGAS testing can continue.
  • DONE ADC status: 22 tested with test reports
  • NEW Order balance of GPU computers for delivery before 1-Sept.
  • ALERT! Backend pipeline processor/disk subsystem (power and HVAC reqs.) meet w/chris (~1 July). joe to circulate latest design for review. just for pipeline processing & SDFits Daemon? Generally, the rest will be on other machines due for replacement under non-VEGAS projects

  • Plan to purchase 10 GPU machines
    • Eight for VEGAS,
    • one VEGAS spare, and
    • one development machine for UCB

-- MartyBloss - 2012-07-16

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