VEGAS Team Meeting

December 10, 2012


CALTECH, UC-B, & Columbia

Dan W, Mark, Glenn


Ray Creager, Randy McCullough, Jason Ray, John Ford, Marty Bloss

Meeting Notes:

Next Teleconference: December 17, 2012 .

VEGAS Mode Development Status:

Mode development

Action Items:

Plan for the next observing
  1. roach2 testing and delivery
    • Mark is at Digicom now tested one of six boards is working, three have issues, one with chip issue plus one with a power PC issue
    • Send first round of working boards on Wednesday for Thursday arrival
      • Some tests of manager can be executed on the subset of boards
  2. sfp+ compiling and testing for mode 1
    • May be a library issue, but snaplock issue remains in GB/mode #1. Issue w/transfer between Power PC and FPGA. 32 bit-wide words worked in South Africa, but not working here
    • Timescale for resolution of problem is unknown
  3. roach2 large design problem
    • Problem when FPGA when full Xylix tools can't run with high speed. It should not be a problem for Mode #1, more likely Mode #13 problem
  4. I2C problem to control Galen's IF module if we don't get that working, can we use the default filter settings? what about attenuator controls?
    • If we don't control boards, can we use the default settings for the GC Obs.? Gain and configuration should be fine and posponed until after list.
  5. possible postponement if we don't get the roach2's in time, or get the SFP+ problem fixed.
    • If problems are not resolved by Friday, the visit and observing would be postponed
  6. review our checklist

Other items:

Hardware procurement plans and schedules:

-- MartyBloss - 2012-12-10
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