VEGAS Team Meeting

April 09, 2012


  • Glenn Jones
  • Mark Wagner

  • Galen Watts
  • Randy McCullough
  • Marty Bloss
  • John Ford
  • Patrick Brandt
  • Mark Whitehead
  • Anish Roshi

Meeting Notes:

Observation Status:

  • No observations were scheduled during the last week. The team has no definitive detection from the April 2 Observation. Tests with the artificial pulsar confirmed the ability of VEGAS to detect weak pulsar signals.
  • Hopefully the next observation will occur on April 12-13

Testing Status:

Confirmed status of the borrowed hardware:
  • Roaches from Cal Tech (4) ~April 15
    • Glenn will chat about an extension if April 12-13 observations do not get scheduled
  • ADCs from Berkeley - May 1

Once the system components begin to be removed, Galen will remove the IF switcher to investigate the IF gain slope issue.

Anish and Patrick have seen the integration jump times and asked about plan for fixing this bug. Simon has largely left the project but may be able to work on this. The plan of dynamically setting buffer length depending on integration length looks like a good solution.
  • Simon to do the changes faster - if he is available.
  • If not NRAO will be asked to implement this change.

The external mode blanking is working, but the internal mode has not been tested yet.
  • All blanking signals (Internal, if enabled, and External) should be 'or-ed' together.

When does the switching signal reset?
  • Same 1PPS as the start of integration - it is reset one time at start of scan.

Other items:

Allan-Variance tests that Mark has planned should begin today.

Long term code maintenance - who will take ownership of code? NRAO or Berkeley? In the long term, NRAO will take over maintenance of the code. The code, per se, will remain in the community.

The latest GPU version is out (Kepler series), which has more compute cores at lower clock-rate. VEGAS team needs to evaluate before the GPU purchase is made. NRAO will investigate its ability to do the testing - Mark Wagner will also check with Dan about testing.

Jason is working on the shielded rack

-- MartyBloss - 2012-04-09
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