VEGAS Team Meeting

October 08, 2012


CALTECH, UC-B, & Columbia

  • Dan Werthheimer
  • Andrew Siemion


  • Anish Roshi
  • Marty Bloss
  • Ray Creager
  • John Ford
  • Jason Ray
  • Randy McCullough

Meeting Notes:

Next Teleconference: October 22, 2012 .

VEGAS Mode Development Status:

Testing Status:

Test planning wki page

Working R2 Mode 13 (one subband) plus mode 1-3 at full speed and now compiling a Mode 13 with all eight subbands.

Other items:

Hardware procurement plans and schedules:

Schedules Ten have been assembled, 3 of them tested, of which one comes to NRAO after testing. All the parts are in but boards a week or two out. SFP+ mezzanine cards are assembled but not tested awaiting test routines from SA.

Mellenox tests were not providing the expected bandwidth (10GB side). John has a query in to see if there is an explanation.

Mechanical assembly of R2. NRAO has unique mounting plan that cools better with more efficient power supply usage. How will the mezzanine boards be supported in this configuration. Since fiber interconnections are being used the cable stresses will be minimum. This design is being used by m-kid folks and we will use it for MUSTANG as well.

Need to normalize signal levels between R1 and R2 plus housekeeping software.

Currently Valon signal goes outside of shielded rack which would require substantial filtering of the serial lines. However a different design would route Valon through the Roach which would then control the frequency. Software will need to be adjusted to accommodate the alternative architecture. GB will test concept with R1.

Abstract under review.

-- MartyBloss - 2012-10-08
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