VEGAS Team Meeting

434-817-6443# (telephone)


Marty, Dan, Arindam, Richard, Jason, Joe, Ray, Sam, Paul, Randy, Dave


  1. Review status of UCB work
  2. Review To Do List
  3. Test Time
  4. Other
    • Meeting time

Meeting notes:

  • Status of UCB work
    • Vegas clone just up and running
      • UCB will try to replicate problem using GB bofs
      • looking at shift issue w/o being able to see these issues in the code
    • review of symptoms (common signal to all adc. inputs)
      • variations bank to bank not seeing variations over time
      • FPGA inputs match, outputs vary
        • variations: 10% typical, 20% worst case seen
        • look Gaussian by eye but fail normalization - Hong said the tests might be invalid
        • Could the power changes be a symptom of passband changes?
      • seems to be all the modes where FPGA is doing the measurements
      • crosses multiple FPGA designs
      • run linearity tests - needs a wide range - can be done in simulations
    • Tests:
      • noise - varying levels (+/- 5 db current GB capability) - UCB suggests more like 40dB
      • sine wave - look at form on output - GB to execute
    • GB will send current source files and bof files to UCB (Dave)
      • Dave should establish a Green Bank account - Jason to assist in registration
    • GB (Richard & Adam) to present data analysis at 4pm
  1. Review To Do List
    • Insufficient time during meeting
  2. Test Time
    • Tuesday (all day for VEGAS, not GBT)
      • All on simulator
    • Thursday (all day)
      • All on simulator
  3. Other
    • Dan and Dave MacMahon have another meeting every week at 11::15 AM eastern Mondays that usually lasts about 15 minutes. With the amount of VEGAS work that is UCB responsibility, should we consider a meeting dedicated to the GB/UCB work?
      • Plan a meeting of a subset of participants just for the band to band problems

-- MartyBloss - 2015-02-02
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