VEGAS Team Meeting

September 30, 2013


CALTECH, UC-B, & Columbia

Dan, Glenn


Marty, Anish, Richard, Mark. Jason, John


  • Testing
  • Project Closeout with NSF
  • Old Business
    1. Mode #4

Meeting Notes:

  • Testing
    1. Mode 4 and Mode #5 are basically complete
      • Still some arming issues
      • Some UTC delta issues
    2. Anish and Glenn continue to test modes 6 on up. They can do this initially without Ray’s help; Glenn can acquire data and Anish can look at it, independent of the Manager. We’ve found bugs with the BOF files in every mode so far, so this activity will continue to turn up – and solve – problems
  • Project Closeout with NSF
    1. Dan needs figures and papers that he can use in our NSF final report.
      • Documents from Anish and plots
      • Presentations (URSI paper from John)

Other items:

Next Teleconference: October 07, 2013 .

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