VEGAS Team Meeting

October 28, 2013


CALTECH, UC-B, & Columbia

Dan, Glenn, Mark, Andrew


Marty, , Richard, . Jason, , Joe, Paul, Amanda, Randy


  • Testing
  • Old Business

Meeting Notes:

  • Testing
  1. Mode 20 is running but has the same arming logic issues
Where will compiles be done? There are issues with doing them in multiple places. NRAO is the logical location. trickiest part is the libraries. tricky part is to only pull the stuff you need - some changes may cause problems. install and see what breaks. disadvantage is that mark can't do compiles at NRAO - requires library version synchronization across sites

  1. Mode delivery strategy Updated 23-Oct
    1. Modes 1,2,& 3
      • Internal release 15-Nov.
    2. Modes 4-9
    3. Mode 20
    4. Modes 10-19
  2. Shared observing strategy (from August 2013)
  • All 9 of the “priority” modes will be fully commissioned before any VEGAS science observing will commence. At that point the Green Bank support staff will be briefed and a plan put in place to allow science on all VEGAS modes, with careful communications during that period so that the remaining 18 “derivative” modes could be commissioned by external projects (with back-up plans in place to use the fully commissioned modes if there are problems with any of the derivative modes).

  • Old Business

Other items:

Next Teleconference: November 04, 2013 .

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