VEGAS Team Meeting

Attendees: Richard, John, Jason, Mark, Paul, Joe Masters, Joe Brandt, Dan, Ray, Anish, Marty


  1. Status of ADC calibration
  2. “Mode 19” issue
  3. VEGAS Bank F / H issue
  4. VEGAS displays
  5. VEGAS test scheduling
  6. Review current issues: CICADAGreenBankSpectrometerCurrentIssues

Meeting notes:

  1. Status of ADC calibration - Hong has finished and provided a tarball and procedure. Randy,Jason, John to meet and send questions to Hong. Then do the rest of the ADCs and determine how to apply fixes.
  2. “Mode 19” issue [Also mode 24] - one or two spectra are missing. Needs additional testing, hopefully during the Tuesday maintenance period (14:00 - 16:30). # filter taps indicate a different number of blanking clock ticks than currently implemented per spec. New spec needs to be experimentally derived.
  3. VEGAS Bank F / H issue - Amanda had a problem with "F" and later Anish had a problem with "H". Galen is investigating the issues
  4. VEGAS displays - vegasdm, the vegas data display, and maybe CLEO, and how they all fit together. There seems to be some confusion about where features are implemented. First round vegasdm specs are understood. Will the Vegas data display subsume what vegasdm currently displays? Continue to implement immediate needs and look at merging after first iteration.
  5. VEGAS test scheduling - Tuesday time is booked. Thursday is available. This VEGAS meeting should divide up all available time which Richard will request in weekly Monday maintenance meeting.
  6. See CICADAGreenBankSpectrometerCurrentIssues


  1. Please make sure to properly code your timesheets for the current time period and going forward.

- Software engineers should be using a GBT ops software CM&E account

Account 893252

- Electronic engineers should be using a GBT ops electronics CM&E account

Account 432510

- Commissioning activities should be getting charged to hardware support and testing (432510)

Account 432510

- scientists assisting with shared-risk commissioning should be charging an observer support account.

432540 for the most part. Accounts 142023 (GB-based staff) and 142013 (CV-based staff) for when you are helping with overarching observing support (not problem solving, VEGAS specific)

-- MartyBloss - 2014-03-24
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