VEGAS Team Meeting

Attendees: Richard, Marty, John, Dan, Mark W., Glenn, Joe, Ray, Jason, Randy


  1. Status of DIBAS software
  2. review of schedule
  3. plans for testing for this week

Meeting notes:

  1. Status of DIBAS software
    • Ray is setting up China-style environment and adding back-ends.
    • want to test existing s/w before adding new back-ends
    • would like to reserve DIBAS v. VEGAS test time - need to coordinate with Jason
    • Next shipment to SHAO scheduled for 17-Jan
  2. review of schedule
    • RFI testing complete
    • Richard to update schedule
  3. plans for testing for this week
    • Amanda to test modes 20-29 with eight banks this week.
    • Has anyone done a long integration test to see if noise is integrating away? (Amanda to test after all eight banks are working)
      • Some ringing and combing has been seen; Amanda will circulate spectrum identifying the features that seem an anomaly.
  4. Other
    • HPC problem continues to vex and is seen on multiple machines. A test program has been created to try and stress the problem. Vendor should be able to assist in troubleshooting
      • May be ale to add a new nVidia driver on one of the HPCs and see if problem occurs.
      • Establish a periodic re-boot regimen while development and troubleshooting continues
      • New HPC 10 & 11 are from a different manufacturing batch and we cab install in HPC8 to see if problem occurs
    • Glenn would like to see certain ADC level values stored for observations for review and debugging
      • record final ADC 'snapshot' from leveling activity - Ray to investigate and implement after DIBAS modes are complete
      • IF levels would be useful as well

-- MartyBloss - 2014-01-13
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