VEGAS Team Meeting

Attendees: Ray, Joe, Jason, Melinda, Mark, John, Richard, Paul, Dan, (Steve)


  1. Bank F / H issue
  2. progress on ADC calibration
  3. resolution of blanking time issues
  4. Progress on “current issues”
  5. use of non-maintenance time for VEGAS testing
  6. Support for Kristine Spekkens (visiting Observer)
  7. SDD release documentation

Meeting notes:

  1. Bank F / H issue. Steve and Galen have tracked the problem down to the converter rack (Bank F) and the VEGAS IF module (Bank H). Bank H problem can be diagnosed / fixed using the internal noise source. RMP to email Galen to ask him to proceed.
  2. progress on ADC calibration. Preparation is complete. We agreed that Jason should run the script in non-maintenance time, and acquire all the coefficients, and then revert the hardware. Then we need: (a) A python script to set the coefficients in the short term (this can also be used by DIBAS); (b) This capability added to the Manager. RMP to add to "current issues" list.
  3. resolution of blanking time issues. Joe has created a wiki page summarizing the discussions, he will circulate this to gbsapp. Mixed mode appears to work apart from Modes 2/3; Joe to email Glenn to see if this might be a 16k BOF issue.
  4. Progress on “current issues” - See CICADAGreenBankSpectrometerCurrentIssues
  5. use of non-maintenance time for VEGAS testing. Agreed this is ok. Divvied up the time for this week (Jason doing ADC tuning; Paul doing IF manager tests).
  6. Support for Kristine Spekkens (visiting Observer). Amanda to talk to Brian about their calibration observations. If necessary, will use setValues to increase the blanking time.
  7. SDD release documentation. Will tag the GIT repository, then update patches file, visible with gbtversion -p


  1. Please make sure to properly code your timesheets for the current time period and going forward.

- Software engineers should be using a GBT ops software CM&E account

Account 893252

- Electronic engineers should be using a GBT ops electronics CM&E account

Account 432510

- Commissioning activities should be getting charged to hardware support and testing (432510)

Account 432510

- scientists assisting with shared-risk commissioning should be charging an observer support account.

432540 for the most part. Accounts 142023 (GB-based staff) and 142013 (CV-based staff) for when you are helping with overarching observing support (not problem solving, VEGAS specific)

-- MartyBloss - 2014-03-24
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