VEGAS Team Meeting

August 05, 2013


CALTECH, UC-B, & Columbia

Dan, Glenn, Mark,


Marty, Anish. John, Richard, Mark


  • Testing
  1. “green block” issue
  2. Test status/results
  • VEGAS at the CASPER workshop

Meeting Notes:

Now the “green block” issue is resolved, all of the VEGAS bofs need to be regenerated with the fix applied. Mark W will do this.

ADC noise testing
  • results to date have just been presented in plots send around attached to emails

PFB response

Where we are in the testing plan

John will plan to do a talk abouty VEGAS at the CASPER workshop.

Mode #2 Testing:
  1. One of the 1 hr long file with 10 msec integration there a utc jump in Bank B. This looks like a missing data. I think this test need to be repeated with the new HPC m/cs
  • Should retest with the new BOFs
  1. Freq axis in GBTIDL is not correct. This is a software issue.

Other items:

Next Teleconference: August 12, 2013 .

-- MartyBloss - 2013-08-05

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