Spectrometer Decommissioning Plan

1. make sure and document that we are finally happy with the performance of all aspects of VEGAS (e.g. baselines and long integrations).

2. make sure and document that we can performed polarization observations with VEGAS, and get the right answer.

3. Remove any mention of Spectrometer from relevant user documentation: Proposers’ Guide, Observers’ Guide.

4. remove Spectrometer from M&C software. SDD should come up with a list, but at least:
  1. archive and delete manager.
  2. remove from IF Manager
  3. remove from CLEO Launcher
  4. …

5. remove VEGAS from proposal submission / preparation utilities:
  1. PST
  2. sensitivy calculator
  3. mapping calculator

6. physically remove the hardware from the Equipment Room.
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