Software: CICADA vs GUPPI

The efforts of PatrickBrandt and RonDuPlain have led to an extensible parameter passing framework for communicating with the (UC Berkeley CASPER) BEE2 and IBOB boards. In the spirit of open source and collaboration associated with CICADA projects, attempts have been made to minimize any functionality that is specific to the current GUPPI application. Though these efforts have been largely successful, some measure of the GUPPI architecture is present, particularly in low-level components. Thus there will ultimately be two separate releases of this framework: the generic, reusable CICADA release, and the NRAO GUPPI specific release.

This page attempts to document any GUPPI specific concerns that are uncovered as development continues.

GUPPI Concerns

The following are concerns that are purely GUPPI-related, though some may have similar implications for other projects.
  • Location of the BORPH files (*.bof) in the BEE2 Linux file system
    • (5/12/08) currently located in /srv/guppi/bof
  • BRAM data format, including:
    • endian-ness (if present)
    • data ordering, such as I0, Q0, U0, V0 ... vs I0, I1 ... V0, V1
    • (5/12/08) currently data ordering is disregarded and the BRAM is merely presented raw, although GUPPI interpreter functionality exists to reorder data

-- PatrickBrandt - 12 May 2008
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